White Lighting Lumber Company

The White Light Lumber company is a strange company, they are a lumbering company in the middle of the desert.  they, however, do visit other railroads bringing with them their own special brand of lumbering.

this Bachmann Mallet is in their opinion their slice of Pi, it allows them to haul their loads of lumber much faster than any of their geared locomotives. making it an excellent getaway vehicle.




it’s obvious that they just recently filled the water tanks, as there still water around the filling hatch along with some on top of the boiler.




As typical for any lumber operation, the locmotive has seen a lot of work and doesn’t get washed too often, this one is covered with mud, rust, and grease, who knows what other forms of grim,

The white Lighting Lumber company Mallet features a Zimo MX697V DCC decoder with the sound project recorded from the Weyerhouser Lumber Co Mallet, the sound project was designed specifically for this model. I’ve also installed a Zimo pulsed Smoke generator. and added the custom decals and weathering.

The weathering, decoder, and smoke generator was Sharon’s Yule gift for 2017

here’s a brief video of the sound and smoke of the locomotive.


the weathering was done through a combination of using an airbrush and hand. it’s still getting stuff added to the front platform.



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