Wild Horse Valley RR Shay #3 update

I spent time sorting the and unsoldering wires from the original lighting/control board then, pulling new wires through the boiler for the front trucks. Further evidence suggests that the shay had batteries mounted just below the frame along with some other electronics such as sound card, however, those had all been removed. while installing the new trucks rather, than running more wires to isolate to create track power isolation I simply removed the power pickups from the new trucks, Bachman has improved this, allowing the pickups to be easily replaceable without soldering. IMG_4293


I can now take it off my bench for a couple of days while I wait for airwire receiver and sound card. – Considering I’m planning on heading back to the bay-area for to talk DCC at the wee hours of the morn, I need to quickly finish up a couple of other things.


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