Live Steam!

Yes, I do have a Live Steam Locomotive –

it’s an older Accucraft Ruby, which is a starter locomotive when the locomotive was purchased – most exciting live steam locomotives started at around $3000.00 the Ruby was designed as an introductory live steam locomotive and to be kit-bashed.

my future plans for it is to turn it into  something more like this one


to-date, it’s had its exhaust changed out, which amplifies the chuff  and as a bonus side effect burns off the extra steam oil creating more smoke, that new exhaust is a small handmade device called a bark box, they are relatively rare, as I’m told that a lot of live steamers don’t like loud chuffs.

I’ve also added a pressure gauge, removed the saddle tank and had the concentric reversed, this was done by Accucraft. to a point in exchange for burning the paint on smoke-box door.


anyway, here’s a short video I made about 7 years ago of the Ruby running with the bark box installed.


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