2-8-0 Consolidation

This 2-8-0 was converted to a basic remote control system and battery, I was asked to take a look at it to see why it wasn’t working, with a simple charge and battery change the locomotive works perfectly. in addition, I was also asked to remove all numbers and its road name.

Soon, after I removed the locomotive from its travel case, Bjorn decided that he was going to claim the box.


it took about 10 different stages, with the 1st being evaluation and getting it to work.

the next was removing the numbers and the road name, the paint stripper I’m using is a specifically designed for removing decals and paint on models, it’s also, you guess plastic safe, it, however, removed all the paint. No worries, it’s being repainted anyway.

29026124_10215456871845978_8065185757041524736_nnote teal on the cab, that’s the color of the plastic, then faint 5 on the tender.


here’s a couple of photo’s of the airbrush work, and the base weathering





One thing, I worked on is blending the paint, so that you can not tell the difference from where the paint was removed also the faint 5 on the tender is no longer visible again I worked on feathering out and blending the layers, again this is just basic dusting and painting.


here’s a little brief video I did, after the 1st initial charge


Sorry, not going to tell you everything I do with regards to weathering, but I will say that I use a combination of techniques from paints to powders. The goal was to have it look like it was never really cleaned but used, without any numbers or a road name.

So,  here are some detail photos of the weathering



And after I was done ensuring it’s rusty running gear was well greased, I even filled the tender up with some coal and water.  spilling some water around the hatch.





and here’s a brief video of the weathered locomotive




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