3D printing and Laser cutting.

This presently is something I’m adding, I do not have prices setup.

3D printing:

often times within model trains, speakers are placed wherever is convenient, as a resault they do not always provide the best quality acoustics. installers that are conscious about this, will often try to use the best speakers possible while making speaker boxes, or even install multiple speakers.

what I’ve been doing is working on some different designs to help improve those acoustics and 3D printing speaker boxes and effectively a sound waveguide.

here’s an example of a speaker box for a Visaton frs7 speaker  – this effectively amplifies the speaker by directing the sound forward.


here’s another example of what I simply call an acoustic, this helps to amplify and spread the sound waves more evenly through the speaker grills rather than having a loss of volume by the sound waves escaping.

previously, the speaker was mounted on the four post, with two baffles only on two sides, this design created baffles all the way around while creating a small cup if you will, under the grills. forcing the sound thought grills, rather than into the cavity of the locomotive body.


here are two videos of before and after the acoustic





the sound difference is that the acoustic provides a fuller sound


more to come –




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