LGB F7’s





This LGB F7 A and B unit came as a couple set with 3 matching passenger coaches, in a huge trunk, the model came with analog sound  – here’s a preview of the original sound. the A & B unit has speakers in both units with the original analog sound card being located in the B unit, and power trucks in the A unit.  This worked fine for a level railroad, however, the tri-valley railroad in northern California, the locomotives home railroad has some grades.

These grades cause problems the for the locomotives pulling its own passenger cars, basically, it doesn’t have enough tractive power, or rather weight to pull its cars up the grade.  several ideas were discussed, which included adding weight to the A unit, to powering the B unit, as well as how to power the B unit to such as doing a dual decoder install or slaving the B units power and sound to the A unit. The final idea is to add weight to both the A and B unit and setting up the B unit as its own locomotive with a sound decoder, then running them both as a permanent consist.   – LGB offers direct replacement power trucks.  while Zimo offers sound projects for both the A & B unit. I expect that the locomotives when passing will sound amazing.


here’s me tinning the speaker wires for the original speaker, I’m likely going to upgrade the speakers in both units to Visaton speakers, as well as create a speaker housing.

here’s a brief video of me testing the Zimo Decoder and sound project for the B unit using my Zimo MXULF, which is used to update the software, install sound projects as well as test the unit by driving it.  The MXULF is an invaluable tool

after working on some mounting, ideas, and running the wires to the trucks, the chassis looks like this now


Again, I’m still trying to figure out the weights, I may also mount the decoder via standoff post.

Here’s the B unit, with its body put back on, and under its own power.   It Works. as I said I need to finish the weights and lights. notice the sound difference, between the original analog sound.



as this blog is talking about both units;

here’s a before video

let me explain a couple of things. The A unit was the only powered unit. it had a speaker, with the sound card being located in the B unit there were some switches and volume control, the A & B unit needed to be run together and connected via some different wires.  the only lights were on the A unit. the lights were always on.  the class lights were yellow.

what I did, was upgraded the B unit, by giving it power trucks, installing a sound decoder, and a lightbar to light the portholes, and weights. making it its own powered locomotive. this was done to help pull the sets passenger cars up a grade.

I also upgraded the A unit to a sound decoder, upgraded the headlight to a hi-intensity LED and separated control of all of the lights, additionally, I added a lightbar to light up the portholes.  – the two locomotives are programmed in an advance consist, to act as one locomotive.

here’s an after video of both units running.



2 thoughts on “LGB F7’s

  1. not sure if I answered this before – I can send you a PDF with the cost and break down of that – I’m building up a Santa Fa Train, with some custom cars, that I could be talked into selling towards the end of the year, possibly early next. presently the train consist of an LGB A&B unit and six cars, the cars and may be sold separately – the A&B are a pair – please note I’m building them with some prototype features.


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