Wild horse Valley Railway Shay update

nearly complete – this is a museum quality build without a true visual comparison and listed details, it’s sort of difficult to imagine that this shay started life as a 1st generation Bachmann Shay, basket case locomotive.

for this up-date I made custom brass, railings around the wood load, and a new brass screen for the smoke stack.  I also updated the hand rails on the boiler with brass rod.

3d Printed battery mount

the speaker ended up being relocated, all of the main electronics are in the firebox



Brass tender railings

because I re-created the wood load, and wanted to stack it high, I ended up making a new railing.



Brass smoke stock screen:


here’s some photo’s of the new screen:

I’ve also included a Video of the screen with the smoke unit running.


Airwire power/charging switch

here’s a neat feature, I hid the main switch in the wood load.  to do this I created a box to support the switch and run the wires, then built up the wood around the box.

here’s the box under construction with the wood load being added

once I had the basic build I was able to mount it into the tender, and of course a switch cover was madeIMG_5936.JPG

once that’s done it was attached to the top of the load, blending in, so that now the switch is completely hidden.



and here’s the power switch in action.


Battery Charging port

finally because I added the hidden on/off & charge switch in the wood load I needed to hide the charging port.  for this I custom painted a scale casting of a barrel, that I mounted a dummy plug to hold the barrel in place, when not charging.


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