Weathering & Detail Work

Weathering & detail work:

This includes everything thing from custom weathering, making new parts, to specialty lighting and custom sound projects. The majority of this work takes a lot of time, using a verity of skills and tools, that I’ve developed and collected throughout my life.  these skills and artistic talent are reflected through both my photographic work, antique restoration, woodworking and the models that I work on.

please note that specific customization to the model is based upon request. such a wood cab, etc.

please be aware that I charge $40.00 for actual work time This includes brush in hand or CNC mill/laser design and mill/cutting times and Detail work such as rebuilding wheelsets or re-wiring.

I have access to some fun tools and such as laser cutters, 3d printers, CNC mills and various fabrication tools additionally, I also have friends who are machinists, 3D print designers/artist and so on.

There is no one weathering technique I use, and I’m always open to ideas and suggestions. most of my work is not designed to live in the elements. be assured that by the time I’m done you own a one of kind piece of art.

Each piece will be signed and will include at least one bonus feature along unique detail item hiding somewhere as part of my signature