57 Varieties of Sound Cars

This is now the 4th sound car that I’ve made for a customer.  This particular sound car is made from a USA Trains Billboard Reefer it uses a phoenix sound card with the East Broad Top Sound project installed.

The sound card picks it’s power up from the tracks, it also has a speed sensor installed on one set of the wheels.

The concept of using a sound car is not particularly new, however, it’s not common to large-scale or to have more than a generic chuff noise maker, however, it can provide interesting options to run a verity of different locomotives, without installing sound cards or decoders into the locomotive its self.

here’s the basic install, as there was a lot not visible space I was able to use a larger speaker providing more volume and clarity



here’s a video of the final product. I’m using a DCC controlled locomotive to move the car, the sound card is obtaining its power from the DCC track power.

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