Sound Card Transplant to a Boxcar


For this project, I was asked to remove the Phoenix PB11 V6 Sound card from a Bachman Big Hauler, and transplant it into a Bachman boxcar.   –

the next version is similar only the sound card is being transplanted into a Bachmann Baggage car.




here’s what the electronics looked like in the Tender of the Locomotive.



after some work, of making a custom speaker mounting, and cutting a speaker grate in the floor, then adding the chuff reed switch and reed switch to activate the whistle, then mounting power pickups to the wheels.

the boxcar now sounds like a locomotive and is designed to be dragged behind a non-sound steam locomotive.

Here are the power pickups and the chuff sensor


here’s a view of the electronics installed in the boxcar, I changed the speaker out simply because of the mounting.



Then finally, a video, I’m moving the boxcar by hand, then I open the doors to show that the electronics are not easily visible. the most complicated part was powering the sound card.



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