Llagas Creek Railways

Last week, after an eventful weekend full of wildlife at the Tres Pinos, California Civil War event. I visited and learned to make Turn-outs for Llagas Creek, and within a few weeks, once we get the required tools and parts I will start building some of the stock orders.

As part of that, I’ll likely be selling most of the LGB/aristocrat rail, and switching to a combination of some of the Llagas Creek code 250 Nickel Silver rail flex rail, while hand laying and building my own switches and some the track work that I want to look as if it was laid temporarily by the loggers, this basically  means that most of the ties will cut logs.

conceptually my layout, that I’m working, will be a highly detailed F scale logging railroad in the middle of the desert. it’s some of the details that make it fun. I’m using a combination of DCC, DC and DCC Dead rail, and one live steam.

if you so happen to get a chance to visit the railroad, you should be sure to wear a hard hat, in that you never know what the crews will do, in fact, they sometimes are not even sure what they are doing at the White Lighting Lumber Company. Where they grow geodes and mine for trees.


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